Demands for increased signage following incident where dog gets caught in 3 traps.

Movie DetailerCanada Demands for increased signage following incident where dog gets caught in 3 traps.
Calls for improved signage indicating trap locations are increasing after another dog in northern B.C. became ensnared not in one leg-hold trap, but three.
Alexis Toews had taken her three dogs for a run along a recreational road in Kitimat, approximately 653 kilometers northwest of Vancouver, commonly utilized for activities like snowmobiling and hiking. Although aware of trapping practices, she did not expect any traps in the area.
Toews’ two-year-old dog Vera got caught in a leg-hold trap. After unsuccessful attempts to free Vera, she sought help from the RCMP and eventually the fire department, which required special equipment to remove the traps.
Toews now advocates for increased and clearer signage by trappers to warn the public about dangerous traps, particularly in areas where trapping and recreation intersect.
Vera’s incident echoes that of Pearl, another dog in Fort St. John, who lost a leg to a leg-hold trap. While Vera did not suffer limb loss, she faces a period of recovery.
An open letter to Premier David Eby, sent by advocacy group The Fur-Bearers, urges trapping reforms including mandatory signage near active traps to prevent such tragedies.
Trapping in B.C. is regulated, with approximately 3,500 active trappers in the province. The Ministry of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship supports voluntary signage and is exploring additional measures to reduce pet trap incidents, warning that violators may face fines.


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