Discuss relaxation: How Signal Hill and the ocean motivate these swimmers during the winter season.

Movie DetailerCanada Discuss relaxation: How Signal Hill and the ocean motivate these swimmers during the winter season.
It’s difficult to surpass the experience of a scorching summer day in Newfoundland and Labrador. When the sun is shining intensely, taking a dip outdoors becomes one of the most delightful pleasures in life. Finding relief from the heat can be achieved at George’s Pond on Signal Hill in St. John’s. As the trees shed their leaves and winter grips the land, most swimmers have disappeared, except for a dedicated group known as the N.L. Winter Tribe. Every Saturday, these adventurous individuals brave the icy waters, immersing themselves up to their necks. The exhilaration of the frigid water gives them an adrenaline rush. This same thrill is cherished by friends Erin Power, Erin Barnhardt, and Kerrie Cochrane, who regularly frolic in the chilly ocean waters. They came up with a name for their group, the Coldwater Cowgals, and decided to document their escapades through Instagram, creating a digital scrapbook for all to see. Despite their initial love for summer swims, the trio’s fascination with cold water eventually led them to brave the ocean’s chill. Their swims, lasting up to ten minutes, have become a refreshing system reset that they eagerly anticipate. By sharing their stories on Instagram, the Cowgals have forged connections with like-minded individuals worldwide. They’ve also noticed a trend of women over 40 engaging in cold water swimming as a means of forming healthy connections. Through their online presence, the Cowgals have inadvertently promoted winter tourism in Newfoundland and Labrador, drawing attention to the unique experience of swimming amidst icebergs. This newfound activity has not only had a positive impact on their mental well-being but has also transformed their perception of winter, allowing them to appreciate the season in a whole new light.


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