Hartland’s Covered Bridge Potato Chips factory destroyed by fire

Movie DetailerCanada Hartland’s Covered Bridge Potato Chips factory destroyed by fire
Firefighters from multiple units have gathered to combat a fire at Covered Bridge Potato Chips factory in Hartland, a key employer in the town of New Brunswick.
The incident was reported at 6 p.m. by RCMP Cpl. Dan Sharpe, who stated that 20 to 30 employees were safely evacuated.
By 9 p.m., although the fire was still active, onlooker Kelly Gillin from Summerville mentioned that the building appeared to be completely destroyed. She described the scene as devastating with nothing left.
Gillin also noted the ongoing efforts, with numerous trucks transporting water back and forth to douse the flames.
She remarked on the heavy smoke spreading into the St. John River valley, attributing the intense smell to the burning grease and potato chips inside the plant.
The fire departments of Hartland, Woodstock, Lakeville, and Florenceville-Bristol, along with the RCMP and Woodstock police for traffic control, were involved. The facility is located near the local hospital off the Trans-Canada Highway, and authorities are advising the public to avoid the area.
While the cause remains under investigation, firefighters suspect that the building may be beyond salvage.
Established in 2004 as a potato distribution company by Matt and Ryan Albright, the business expanded into potato chips in 2009. The website mentions it as a fourth-generation family farming enterprise producing chips from over 500 acres of potatoes yearly.
Mayor Tracey DeMerchant of Hartland expressed sorrow at the loss of the successful business, emphasizing the support the community will provide in the aftermath.
Despite RCMP warnings, many locals gathered to witness the tragedy unfold, showing solidarity with those affected by the unforeseen disaster.


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