N.B. man ‘grateful for remaining alive’ after coming close to being pierced in car collision

Movie DetailerCanada N.B. man ‘grateful for remaining alive’ after coming close to being pierced in car collision
After a lengthy night shift on Jan.10th, Michael Roy climbed into his pickup truck along with a colleague and embarked on the long journey home.
The drive could have spelled his demise.
Roy, aged 32, often opted for a rural logging road for the 100-kilometer trip from the work site in Plaster Rock to his residence in Saint-Quentin.
The West Tobique Wood Road, a desolate woodland trail, was heavily blanketed in snow.
“We didn’t have much visibility and we weren’t going fast,” stated Roy.
Halfway through the drive, as they neared a sharp turn on a bridge, Roy encountered problems with his steering.
He lost control of the wheel and slammed on the brakes just as the truck skidded off the bridge and into a ditch.
After the accident, Roy turned to his colleague.
“I told him I’m grateful to be alive, and he didn’t understand why.”
Roy instructed him to turn on his flashlight, unveiling the aftermath of the crash.
A thick wooden beam from the bridge had pierced through the front of the truck, into the cabin, and through the seat Roy was occupying.
“When it entered the truck, it lifted me up slightly,” stated Roy, who also mentioned that it tore his pants.
“I’m relieved that it wasn’t an inch higher because I wouldn’t be here talking to you now.”
Both Roy and his colleague couldn’t believe that Roy had survived the ordeal.
They walked away unscathed.
“I only suffered a minor bruise and perhaps two or three scratches. That’s all,” Roy disclosed.
Upon safely reaching home, Roy’s wife was astounded.
“My wife didn’t believe it until I showed her the pictures, and she still didn’t believe it until we went to the scrapyard the next day and saw the truck in person.”
Roy didn’t report the crash to the police because it happened on private property.
“The towing company came and removed the truck from the bridge, then took it to the scrapyard,” he explained.
The truck was completely wrecked, but Roy was not – making him somewhat of a local marvel in Saint-Quentin, which has a population of around 2,000.
“Whenever I go to the mall or the grocery store, everyone tells me they can’t believe I’m still alive,” Roy recounted.
Despite experiencing a brush with death, Roy stated that he isn’t apprehensive about driving again.
“I know it was due to mechanical issues, not my driving ability,” he said, mentioning that he’s been a heavy equipment operator for seven years and has driven through his fair share of winter storms during that time.
“I didn’t think something like that could happen to me,” said Roy.
“But now, I realize you never know when your time will come.”


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