Rebel News files lawsuit against RCMP, claiming a consistent pattern of ‘intimidation and exclusion’.

Movie DetailerPolitics Rebel News files lawsuit against RCMP, claiming a consistent pattern of ‘intimidation and exclusion’.
Rebel News and one of its prominent journalists, David Menzies, have filed a lawsuit against the RCMP, alleging a series of bullying and exclusionary tactics utilized by the federal police force. This legal action also targets the York Regional Police and the Attorney General of Canada, following an incident involving Menzies’ notable arrest in January.
The contentious arrest occurred when Menzies attempted to question Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland in Richmond Hill, Ontario, regarding the Canadian government’s choice to omit the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from its list of designated terrorist organizations. The encounter took place during an event commemorating the victims of Flight PS752, a Ukrainian International Airlines plane that was tragically downed by the Iranian military in January 2020, resulting in the loss of all 176 passengers, including 55 Canadians and 30 permanent residents.
In a video published by Rebel News, Menzies can be seen being obstructed by a plainclothes RCMP officer, who subsequently physically restrains Menzies against a wall and accuses him of assault, despite Menzies’ denial of any physical contact. The lawsuit alleges that the officer deliberately positioned himself to instigate physical contact and orchestrate Menzies’ arrest.
Furthermore, the legal claim states that another officer described Menzies as “very aggressive” and accused him of approaching the situation with hostility, leading to what Rebel and Menzies assert was a manipulative performance by law enforcement. The document argues that there were no valid grounds for Menzies’ arrest and details an incident in 2020 where Menzies was allegedly assaulted by RCMP officers while attempting to question Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Rebel News also accuses the RCMP of shooting another one of its journalists with a riot-suppressing gun during the 2022 convoy protest in Ottawa. As a result, Rebel News has initiated separate legal proceedings against the RCMP in each of these instances, seeking financial support from the public to cover legal expenses.
The lawsuit claims that the RCMP has systematically engaged in intimidation and marginalization of Rebel News journalists, exemplified by the treatment of Menzies, and asserts that multiple Charter rights, including freedom of expression and protection from arbitrary detention, were violated. The claims made by Rebel and Menzies, however, remain unproven in court.
In response to the incident, York Regional Police released Menzies unconditionally after determining there was no credible security threat posed by him. The RCMP, upon the incident gaining media attention, stated that they were investigating the matter and evaluating the actions of all parties involved. The RCMP spokesperson refrained from further comment, citing the ongoing legal nature of the situation.
When questioned about the altercation, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland emphasized that politicians do not influence the operational decisions undertaken by law enforcement agencies.


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