Southern B.C. crews get ready for another winter storm, encouraging commuters to embrace a ‘snow day’.

Movie DetailerCanada Southern B.C. crews get ready for another winter storm, encouraging commuters to embrace a ‘snow day’.
Maintenance trucks were on the roads salting and brining in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island in anticipation of another snowstorm hitting southern B.C. on Tuesday night.
Environment Canada has issued snowfall and winter storm warnings for the southern half of the province.
The storm is expected to bring 10 to 20 centimetres of snow to the southern B.C. mainland and around 10 centimetres to Vancouver Island, starting Tuesday evening and lasting until Wednesday afternoon.
Darren Ell, the general manager of Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting, which is responsible for maintaining the highways in the region, said his team has been closely monitoring the forecast to prepare for the upcoming storm.
On Tuesday, crews were out applying brine and salt to the roads to prevent them from becoming icy. However, Ell advised commuters to avoid driving if possible for their safety.
He said, “Unless absolutely necessary, do not drive on the roads tomorrow. Stay at home and take a snow day. It is easier for us to manage the snow when there is less traffic on the highways.”
Ell confirmed that Mainroad’s fleet is fully operational and they have an ample supply of salt, sand, and brine for the storm.
Emcon Road Services, responsible for southern Vancouver Island, also sent a similar message. Steward Westwood, the division manager, advised drivers who have to use the Malahat Highway on Wednesday morning to be prepared for the worst.
He said, “Make sure you are ready. Keep warm clothing in your vehicle in case of any delays on the road, and carry snacks and water.”
Westwood mentioned that his crews will begin applying chains to all commercial vehicles on the Malahat at 5 a.m.
Both Ell and Westwood warned drivers against overtaking snowplows they may encounter on Wednesday, as the flying snow and debris can damage car windows.
Ell concluded, “The safest place on the road is behind a snowplow.”


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