The Canadian women’s rugby 7s team secures a 4th place finish in Los Angeles after being defeated by the U.S. squad.

Movie DetailerSports The Canadian women’s rugby 7s team secures a 4th place finish in Los Angeles after being defeated by the U.S. squad.

The courageous Canadian women rugby team showcased their determination and skill by securing a commendable fourth place at the HSBC SVNS Los Angeles, following their third-place finish in Vancouver the previous weekend.

Despite their best efforts, Canada faced a tough challenge from the formidable United States team in the third-place playoff match at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, Calif. The Canadians were defeated 21-7, with Captain Naya Tapper leading the charge for the Americans by scoring a try early on, marking her 129th career try. However, Krissy Scurfield’s converted try helped Canada level the score momentarily after a brilliant display by Sophie de Goede.

Earlier in the tournament, the U.S. managed to edge past Canada with a narrow 22-19 victory in the Pool C game, ultimately determining the top spot. As a result, Canada currently holds fifth place in the overall standings, showcasing their competitive spirit and resilience in the face of strong opposition.

In the women’s final, New Zealand emerged victorious by defeating Australia 29-14, with Michaela Blyde’s remarkable hat-trick contributing to their success. The men’s championship game saw France triumph over a depleted Britain with a score of 21-0, surprising many as they were ranked seventh in the standings prior to the tournament, while Britain held the 10th spot.

Despite the setbacks faced by the Canadian men’s team, including a defeat of 28-15 against South Africa in the 11th-place playoff, they continue to strive for improvement under the guidance of coach Sean White. With a challenging season so far, Canada has shown glimpses of promise, notably finishing in seventh place at Cape Town. Notably, Liam Bowman and Noah Flesch scored their first sevens tries in the match against South Africa, highlighting the team’s potential for growth and development.

On the other hand, the Canadian women started their day on a high note with a 28-19 victory over France in the Cup quarterfinals, displaying exceptional teamwork and tenacity throughout the match. Players such as Chloe Daniels, Hogan-Rochester, Piper Logan, and Sabrina Poulin made significant contributions with tries, showcasing their talent and determination on the field.

As the rugby sevens circuit progresses, the teams will continue to compete in upcoming events in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Madrid, with promotion and relegation at stake in the grand final. This condensed season format allows for intense competition and strategic play, ensuring thrilling matches for both the players and fans alike.


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