The individual responsible for the death of his estranged wife outside a Calgary school was dealing with charges related to domestic violence.

Movie DetailerCanada The individual responsible for the death of his estranged wife outside a Calgary school was dealing with charges related to domestic violence.
The individual who committed the act of killing his estranged spouse outside a Calgary elementary school on Tuesday morning had been charged with criminal offenses related to domestic violence and was also charged twice for violating a no-contact order. This information was disclosed by CBC News.
Around 7:40 a.m. on Tuesday, the police received a report from John Costello Catholic School in the city’s southwest, where they discovered the deceased woman. Subsequently, the body of her spouse was found nearby.
To safeguard the privacy of their three young daughters, CBC News has chosen not to disclose the identities of the couple.
Court records confirm that the couple was in the process of getting a divorce.
Regarding the husband, he was initially charged with a domestic violence offense in July 2023. He was later released on bail with the condition that he must not have any contact with his estranged wife or daughters unless authorized by a court order.
However, he was charged with violating this release condition in September and November.
On the day of the incident, arrest warrants were issued against the man for charges of harassment and stalking. Calgary police stated that these warrants were likely connected to a previous event and not the actual homicide.
The man was scheduled to appear in court on February 6.
Calgary police, in their statement, mentioned that they will not disclose the identity of the deceased, even after the autopsy, to protect the family’s privacy.
During a news conference held by the Calgary police, Duty Insp. Scott Neilson informed that the woman had apparent stab wounds. Neilson added that there was no indication of children witnessing the incident, though there were several adult witnesses.
Neilson stated that the victim had sought assistance from the police before and had been provided court support, safety measures, and planning.
Expressing his sentiments, Neilson said, “To have something like this happen… in front of the school. Obviously this is horrible.”
Immediately after the incident, the police deployed officers to the scene to coordinate with the school administration and facilitate lockdowns at the elementary school and a preschool.
The man was found dead near the scene shortly before noon, as confirmed by Neilson.
Neilson also emphasized that this is an ongoing investigation with multiple aspects to consider.
In response to the violent incident that took place before school hours, a statement from the Calgary Catholic School District declared that John Costello Catholic School would remain closed on Tuesday but is expected to resume classes on Wednesday.
“The Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD) is praying for all those involved in a critical incident that happened this morning prior to the start of classes,” the district’s statement expressed.
The police have stated that the victim assistance support team is available to assist anyone affected by the incident.


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