The upcoming week will see the liberal cabinet convening for a retreat in preparation for the return of Parliament.

Movie DetailerPolitics The upcoming week will see the liberal cabinet convening for a retreat in preparation for the return of Parliament.
Persistent inflation and intense domestic divisions over the Israel-Hamas conflict are weighing heavily on the federal Liberals as ministers get ready to convene in Montreal next week for a three-day meeting. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will lead the cabinet retreat starting on Sunday to prepare his government for the upcoming Parliamentary session. Housing affordability and the cost of living continue to be the most crucial concerns for the government, as it struggles to counter the Conservatives’ claims that Liberal policies are responsible for the economic turmoil. Tensions in the Middle East remain high, with Ottawa facing criticism for not taking a clear stance on the Israel genocide case at the International Court of Justice and being accused of inadequate efforts to combat rising anti-Semitism in the country. The Liberals are trailing behind the Conservatives in the polls, with Canadians having limited confidence in the government’s ability to address major issues. While the minority government’s agreement with the NDP seems secure, the Liberals still need to resolve a deadlock with the party regarding a national pharmacare program before the spring deadline. The NDP has made pharmacare one of its main demands in exchange for support on key votes until June 2025, but the initial plan to have legislation implemented by the end of 2023 failed to materialize. Instead, the parties agreed to extend the deadline, with legislation to be introduced by the beginning of March. Environmental policy will also be a topic of further discussion following the record-breaking warm temperatures in December, linked to climate change, and the recent cold snap in Western Canada that led to electricity shortages in Alberta. In a press release on Tuesday, Trudeau also mentioned that the upcoming U.S. presidential election will be discussed as Canada prepares for the possibility of another Donald Trump presidency. Trump emerged as the winner in the Iowa caucuses on Monday in his bid to secure the Republican presidential nomination for November, and national polls in the United States indicate that he is currently ahead of President Joe Biden overall. Trudeau’s relationship with Trump was often tumultuous during the former president’s first term, marked by disputes over steel and aluminum import tariffs imposed on Canadian products by the Trump administration.


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